Your moving check-list

You can also download the check-list in PDF-format here.
1. Please bear the following changes of registration in mind:

  • Telephone/Internet
  • Insurances
  • Vehicle registration office (by three months after removal at the latest)
  • Registration office
  • Temporary change of address order
  • Retirement pension institution
  • Health insurance company
  • Banks
  • Newspaper
  • Gebührenzentrale (GEZ) (Central radio and television toll collecting agency)
  • School
  • Clubs

It is often possible to make address changes online as well. This saves time and nerves!

2. Please bear the following deregistrations in mind:

  • Electric power
  • Gas
  • Water

Give your meter reading at the right time or arrange for it on your own initiative together with your landlord or contact person.

3. Attention periods of cancellation:

Cancel your rental agreement and agree a pre-inspection of the flat, recording the defects required to be removed prior to your removal. Have a certificate issued about this. Cancel other agreements as well, such as parking spaces and garage.

Since your landlord intends to further let the flat to another tentant, he is entitled to agree viewing appointments for potential tenants. According to local practice, the times for such a viewing appointment are everyday Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.. Of course, the landlord shall be entitled to attend these appointments.

4. Points to consider as well:

  • If there is a lift, please ask the property management for the key and inform flatmates about your removal in time
  • Please attach name plates at your new home (doorbell/letterbox)
  • Empty your freezer in time
  • If required, please arrange for a child care (Your children absolutely do not bother us!)
  • Money in cash, jewellery, cheques, keys, documents and security papers shall be kept separately
  • Bulky waste disposal/renovation (We can assist you in this.)

5. Important information:

  • Please prepare a sketch or a plan about your new home and measure in advance where to probably arrange your furniture, in order to ensure our employees a smooth removal. We are also glad to assist you on the spot.
  • A removal is the best time to break away from things no longer needed.
  • Please also avoid stowing open or leaking liquids (chemicals, drugs, oils etc.) in removal boxes in order to avoid probable damages. You can transport them separately or dispose of them.
  • Read in your rental agreement carefully how you are required to leave your old home after your removal (cellar, attic well-swept).

Insurance coverage is very important:

In your own interest, please have your porcelain, glass and other sensitive objects packed by our trained staff, because handling of these objects requires a particular experience and caution. We shall not be held liable for damaged contents, furnitures and fixtures not having been packed by our staff.

Please advise our staff of valuable objects of art and other valuables. Our liability for damages and loss is governed by the applying terms and conditions of carriage for furniture removal using motor vehicles, in the event of transportation by railway and to overseas by the agreements respectively made.

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